Minds Behind Texas Rose Catering

Look to Texas Rose Catering for event excitement, culinary wizardry and flavorful cuisine.

Pamela Horowitz

Executive Chef & Co-Owner
Pamela, Pamela, Pamela. Her creativity is legendary, her standards are unwavering and her off- premise talents are amongst the world’s finest catering chefs. She is our Steve Jobs, only much, much more stylish,attractive, event savvy and approachable.
Pamela was recently named one of SmartCEO’s 2015 Woman of the Year for her business accomplishments and charitable contributions. Our founder and co-Owner has been an Executive Chef for over 23 years, holding high-profile executive culinary positions in Washington D.C, New York City, Indianapolis and Philadelphia. Chef Pamela’s extensive training with the world’s finest and demanding European chefs has helped make her one of the most acclaimed, innovative and respected culinary icons in the country. She has an innovative and vibrant cooking style with plate presentation that is second to none.

Pamela was brought to Philadelphia in 1997 to become the Executive Chef for the Museum Catering Company, the in-house caterers for the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. She revitalized their culinary fare and quickly made the Chinese Rotunda the most sought-after party space in the city. In 1999 Pamela received worldwide attention when she was asked to recreate the “Burial Feast of King Midas” for the Museum. Working closely with the University of Pennsylvania’s famed archeologist Dr. Pat McGovern, Pamela created a historically accurate menu for a culinary feast centered around the indigenous ingredients available during the reign of King Midas. This groundbreaking culinary event was made into a documentary film for the Discovery Channel by the New York Times and National Geographic Television.

Michael B. Yatvin

President & CEO
Michael B. Yatvin, President and CEO, is the business visionary and strategic brain trust behind Provence Hospitality Group’s meteoric growth. Bringing over 30 years of senior level business development experience in Homeland Security, Finance, and Health Care to the company’s Boardroom, helping to make Provence Hospitality Group one of the region’s fastest growing premium food service providers.
Michael is responsible for strategic alliances, corporate expansion, interactive web projects, product development and good humor. And as the Chef’s business partner, husband, co-parent, and Provence’s Chief Executive Officer, he is always one of the most fortunate men in East Texas.